Dyno Tuning


How does it work?

A Dyno machine is an essential tool for tuning fuel injected motorcycles.

The Dyno measures horsepower and torque, as well as exact air/fuel ratio on every run through the air/fuel ratio monitor. This takes the guesswork out of fuelling adjustments. The air/fuel ratio graph shows a rich/lean condition at each RPM during the dyno run. The Dyno's Load Control software provides our technicians with the ability to control vehicle RPM or speed at any throttle opening. Fuel map modifications can then be made by the technician to improve power, torque, and economy.


Features of the DynoJet 250i

  • - Dynojet's Load Control System uses the latest in eddy current power absorption technology
  • - Closed-loop control of Speed or RPM
  • - Vehicles tested at full or partial throttle
  • - Inertia Dynamometer Chassis with standard wheel base up to 84 inches
  • - Measures up to 750 horsepower
  • - Primary Wire Inductive tachometer pickup
  • - Secondary Inductive Pickups (spark plug clamps connect directly to spark plug wires)



The Dyno machine is available for bookings Monday to Saturday.

To book call 03 6344 8680 or email contact@tasmotorcyclewarehouse.com.au